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Serve as Greene County's vocalist, to provide the most accurate and contemporary data on the communities.

Work cooperatively with residents, community leaders, and businesses to best serve the county's needs.

Position the county competitively for the retention, expansion and attraction of jobs and investments.

Assist companies in the county to find the best location for their needs.

Enhance awareness of our county's assets. 

Support local towns through development programs to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses to succeed and grow in our county.

We work hard to connect the community, and the people surrounding it, with up-to-date information, access to local business opportunities, and supply gap funding to organizations that can reach the criteria. 

Economic Development strives to supply the best quality of life within county lines by pushing business and academic collaboration to the market, while also promoting the highly competitive area.

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Mission Statement

The Greene County Economic Development Corporation's mission is to enhance the quality of life for Greene County residents by fostering an environment that will create and retain jobs, increase the tax base and promote economic growth.

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