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Advantages in Greene County

Taxes and Incentives
Local county government offers tax abatement to encourage job creation and private investment in Greene County.

Tax abatement may be granted on:

  • Real property;

  • Personal property, along with personal property that would include laboratory equipment and computers used in research or development labs;

  • New construction (only to the increase in assessed value for the new construction);

  • Property rehabilitation (only to the increase in assessed value for the rehabilitation);

  • New or used manufacturing, research or development equipment not previously taxed in Indiana.

The exemption from property tax is for all or part of the new assessed value or the increased assessed value. The exemption would last between 1 and 10 years, with payments of property taxes phased in increments over that period of time. 

State Incentives

Indiana promotes your growth, innovation and profits.

  • Indiana offers many business tax incentives, corporate tax credits and economic development programs for companies creating new jobs and investment in Indiana.

  • Indiana's business tax structure is also very competitive.

  • Indiana’s corporate income tax is decreasing from the current 6.5% to 4.9% by 2021.

  • As the decrease is phased in, the tax rate will drop each year.

  • Indiana has a flat state corporate tax rate on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax. 

See more State Incentives at

Revolving Loan Fund
Economic development is currently loaning a revolving fund that has started up NINE businesses.

A planned project or business may include but not limited to:

  • Must be physically located in Greene County. This could be waived if the committee determines that this project or business will have a sportive impact on the community.

  • Acquisition and development of land, easements, and rights-of-way.

  • Loans for small business startup operating cost and working capital.

  • Loans to facilitate small business expansion of operations.

  • Technical assistance for private business enterprises.

Other advantages:

Greene County is always here to support your personal endeavors and help guide you to the resources you might need in your journey.

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