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Revolving Loan Fund

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Describe one of your services

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Describe one of your services

New to Business?


Create a business plan! This will provide a foundation to make the dream a reality! Here is a business plan guide.


Find a mentor, assistance/receive training! Qualify yourself to do well! Here is a learning center opportunity.


Choose a business location! Contact us or visit the site selector. We can help find the best location for your business. 


Finances! Figure out the financial cost and then find where to obtain this starting capital. GCEDC provides a revolving loan fund for small businesses.


Work with the law! Figure out the legal structure the business will take - figure out partnership and liability information. Find an attorney you trust for business matter.


Register your business! Go to Indiana Secretary of State to make your business official. 


Taxes! Receive your tax identification number from the IRS and register for taxes. An accountant can be invaluable for this step.


Obtain business licenses and permits. Adhere to local ordinances and file for your specific licenses. 


Understand your employer responsibilities. Talk with your accountant for more details on properly paying employees. 

We Want to Help!!

Starting or running a business can be daunting. Luckily Greene County Economic Development is here to provide your business the connections and tools it needs to be successful!

Did taking a traditional bank loan not work out? Economic Development offers a revolving loan to help start up or run your business. We provide another avenue for funding more business in Greene County. Call (812) 659-2109 for more info on this loan.

We are not experts in all things business. However, we have many connections in our local community. We are able to guide you through your journey and lead you to the right people.

Running a business can be time consuming but it is important to know that when a problem arises, GCEDC may have the tools to help. Instead of trying to manage everything all by yourself let us help you find the resources, incentives and solutions. Our mission is to enhance our economic community. Your Greene County business doing well is a win for us!

Connect with us right now by calling (812)-659-2109 or emailing

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